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Power Locks and Dead Batteries....

Yup yesterday was pretty fucking rad! Warped Tour was alright despite missing a few bands because fucking people put the wrong start time, but it was alright! The whole show was rad just with all the stuff that was there! Making a journey and a 1/2 to see the bands you wanted to see though sometimes, but again it was still good! Joe's a little bitch and I'm just gonna leave it at that. B.C. Crew was in full affect as well as Bizzy B!!!! All in all that thing was effin rad! After that we made or journey to Rachel's house to cover the little beasts for the evening.... Then we made our way to Wendy's for some food of course.... I was losing composure fast after I ate and I just needed to lay down or sleep or do something, Rachel said I looked like I was losing energy at like a mile a minute, which I did feel like that....(By the way I was running on 2 hours of sleep from that night.) After that we rented a movie and came back to my place to have movie night.... YAY! Both of us almost fell asleep in eachothers arms which would have been awesome but then my mom came in to se if we were falling asleep and woke us up, FUCK! But I alomost fell asleep alot last night while I was holding her, I was a happy kid! After that our night was over.... Would have been nice to have you all night long with me in my bed and in my arms....
Now we come to today.... I get to work at 5 fucking a.m. only to find out that I'm suspended.... What the FUCK!!!! How about someone call my house to tell me atleast, FUCKERS! But the funny thing is no one knows why I'm being suspended, not even the FUCKING STORE MANAGER! Its the assistant manager that suspended me and didn't tell anyone why. So I have to wait till tomorrow to find out why he did that stupid shit.... So I am grounded for lieing about work and whatnot....(longstory and don't feel like writing it) But yeah so I thought our streak was gonna be destroyed today but again Rachel saved it from being destoyed!!!! I REALLY DO LOVE HER ALOT!!!! But yeah so we have almost gone a full month seeing eachother everyday since it was made official, FUCK YEAH!!!! But that is the low down up to date and whatnot....

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